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Sheldon Cunningham
Kodiak, Alaska

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Practical Approach to the Drum Set

This Web Page was written with the beginning student in mind. Having studied for twenty years, I feel I have something to share with all you students out in CyberSpace.

Your first approach to the drum set is familiarization and learning the different components that make up your drum kit. It is important the student understands and can demonstrate the proper use of each piece of his or her drum gear. As the instructor, if I ask the student to demonstrate a left-left, right-right, left and right-right, left-left, right pattern on the snare drum, I would not want to hear this pattern played on the ride cymbal.

Just as important, having a workable attitude toward the drum set can make or break a student, I have seen this happen in my studies. When a student arrives for his or her lesson I ask that only the last session be brought in to the practice room because this insures the student begins the lesson with an open mind ready to learn.

Lastly, technique is what the student should work towards while my job as instructor is to help shape this with the learning of Rudiments, Rythms, and Reading.

Just remember the drum set can and should be an outlet to express who you are and don't forget to thank your Drum Instructor at your next drum lesson..

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